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  • Anaesthesiology
  • Dr. Kavya Chandrashekar Doddamane

    MBBS, MD Anaesthesiology
    Consultant - Anaesthesiologist

  • Doctor

    Dr.Bindushree B P

    MBBS,DA,DNB (Anaesthesia)
    Consultant Anaesthesiologist

  • Dr Veena

    Dr. Veena

    Consultant Anaesthesiologist

  • Critical Care
  • Dr Rakesh M L

    MD, FNB (Critical Care Medicine), EDICM
    Consultant Intensivist

  • Dr Amruth D

    MD, DNB., PDCC (Critical Care Medicine)
    Consultant Intensivist

  • Doctor

    Dr.Ajay G M

    MBBS,MD.FNB Critical Care
    Consultant Intensivist

  • Dr. Srinivasa S

    Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist

  • Dentistry
  • Dr Sharmishta Dhavalikar

    Consultant Dentist

  • Dermatology
  • Dr Anvitha C

    MD - Dermatology, Venerology, Leprosy
    Consultant - Dermatology , Cosmetology, Venerology, Leprosy

  • E.N.T.
  • Dr Shreepad S Shetty

    Dr Shreepada S Shetty

    MBBS, MS (E.N.T.)
    Consultant E.N.T. Surgeon

  • Emergency
  • Dr. Madhushri V D

    Consultant Emergency Physician Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Endocrinology
  • Sphroothi

    Dr Sphoorti P Pai

    MD, DM(Endocrinology)
    Consultant Endocrinologist

  • Fetal Medicine
  • Dr Sowmya B G

    MS, DNB(OBGY), FFM(Mediscans System Chennai)
    Consultant Fetal medicine

  • General Medicine & Surgery
  • Dr M.R. Sathyanarayan

    Dr M.R. Sathyanarayan

    MBBS, MD
    Consultant Physician

  • Dr Mahesh B.M.

    Dr Mahesh B.M.

    MBBS, MS (Gen. Surg.)
    Consultant General Surgeon & GI Endoscopist

  • Dr Sachin D.N.B

    Dr Sachin D.N.B

    MBBS, MS (Gen. Surg.)
    Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

  • Dr Vishwanath B

    Dr Vishwanath B

    MBBS, MS (Gen. Surg.)
    Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

  • Dr Lakshmi P.K

    MBBS, MD General Medicine
    General Physician

  • Laboratories (Pathology & Microbiology)
  • Dr. Moizah Najam

    Consultant Pathologist

  • Dr Venkateswa

    Dr Venkateshwaralu M

    M.B.B.S., MD (Pathology), PDF Cytogenetics
    Consultant Onco Pathologist

  • Dr-Santhosh-Patil

    Dr Santhosh Patil

    MBBS, MD (Microbiology)
    Consultant Microbiologist

  • Nephrology & Urology
  • Dr Anupama Y.J.

    Dr Anupama Y.J.

    MD, DNB (Nephro.)
    Head of Department of Nephrology, Consultant Nephrologist

  • Dr Dhanyakumar B.

    Dr Dhanyakumar B.

    MBBS, MS (Gen. Surg.), MCh (Uro.)
    Head of Department of Urologist, Consultant Urologist

  • Neurology & Neurosurgery
  • Dr Prashanth D.K.

    Dr D.K. Prashantha

    MBBS, MD, DM (Neuro.)
    Consultant Neurologist

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Dr Vishalaxi Moogi

    Dr Vishalaxi Moogi

    Consultant Gynaecologist

  • Vanikori

    Dr Vani Kori

    MBBS, MD (OBG)
    Consultant Gynaecologist

  • Oncology
  • Dr. Namratha Udupa M S

    MBBS and MD from Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
    DM (with a gold medal) from Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology
    ECMO- European Certification in Medical Oncology
    Consultant Medical Oncologist

  • Dr Aravindan


    M.B.B.S., M.S (Gen Surg), DNB (Surgical oncology), VATTIKUTI – Manipal Robotic Onco-Surgery Fellowship, Manipal hospital
    Consultant Surgical Oncologist

  • Dr Irappa Madabhavi

    MD., DM (Med Oncology)., ECMO
    Consultant Medical Oncologist & Hematologist

  • Dr Guruchanna B

    MS, MCh (TMH. Mumbai)., FMAS
    Consultant Surgical oncologist

  • Dr. Sharaschandra Shankar

    MBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology)
    Consultant Radiation Oncologist

  • Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Dr. Vincent Mek Mohan

    MBBS, MS (Ortho)
    FIJR (Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery) FIASM (Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine)
    Consultant Orthopedic, Joint Replacement Surgeon

  • Dr Umesh Kamath

    Dr Umesh Kamath

    MBBS, MS, D.Ortho.
    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

  • Paediatrics & Paediatric Surgery
  • Dr Vishwanath H.N.

    Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Intensivist

  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Mr Dony K John

    MPT-MSK & Sports, COMT, CKTP
    Consultant Chief Physiotherapist & HOD

  • Shilpa Poojari

    Shilpa Poojari

    Consultant Junior Physiotherapist

  • Dr Sujanya Thomas

    Sujanya Thomas

    Consultant Junior Physiotherapist

  • Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery
  • Dr Harshvardhan Shetty

    MBBS, MS, MCh. Plastic Surgery (PGI, Chandigarh)
    Consultant Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon

  • Radio Diagnostics
  • Dr Govinda Swamy G.N.

    Dr Govinda Swamy G.N.

    MBBS, DMRD, DNB (Radiology)
    Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Praveen Upadyaya

    Dr Praveen Upadyaya

    MBBS, DMRD, DNB (Radiology)
    Consultant Radiologist

  • Rheumatology & Immunology
  • Dr Deepak C L

    Dr Deepak C L

    Fellowship in Rheumatology & Immunology
    Consultant Rheumatologist

  • Anaesthesiology
  • Dr Vijay Chandrappa B

    Consultant Anesthesiologist and Intensivist

  • Dr Harish T.S.

    MBBS., DA (Anaesthesiology)
    Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist

  • Dr Praveen Kumar

    MBBS., MD ( Anaesthesiology)
    Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist

  • Cardiology small Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery
  • Dr Narendra G. Nishanimath

    Dr Narendra G. Nishanimath

    MS, M.Ch, Fellow of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences
    Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon

  • Dr J Narendra

    Dr J Narendra

    MD, DM
    Consultant Cardiologist

  • Lokesh

    Dr Lokesh B.H.

    MD, DM
    Consultant Cardiologist

  • Dr Harish T.S

    Dr Harish T.S

    MBBS, DA
    Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist & Intensivist

  • Dr Praveen Kumar

    Dr Praveen Kumar K R

    MD, FCPM
    Consultant Pain & Palliative Care Medicine Specialist

  • Oncology small Dietitian
  • Ms. Poornima

    MSC in Nutrition and Dietetics
    Consultant Dietitian

  • Oncology small emergency
  • Dr. Madhushri V D

    Consultant Emergency Physician

  • General Medicine
  • Dr Rathnakar

    MBBS., MD
    Consultant Physician

  • Intensive Care
  • Dr. Arjun N R

    Consultant - Critical Care
    MBBS, MD PDF (Critical Care)

  • Interventional Radiology
  • Dr. Prashanth Kumar. S.M

    M.B.B.S., MRCS., MD., FRCR [London]
    Consultant Interventional Radiologist

  • Molecular Imaging and Radionuclide Therapy
  • Doctor

    Dr Vijayaraghavan R.L

    DNB (Nuclear Medicine), MNAMS, FASNC, (Nuclear Cardiology)
    Consultant and Head, Dept of Nuclear Medicine

  • Nephrology
  • Dr. Harish K.R

    MBBS. DNB (General Medicine)
    DM Nephrology
    Consultant Nephrologist and Transplant Physician

  • Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery
  • Dr Harshvardhan Shetty

    MBBS, MS, MCh. Plastic Surgery (PGI, Chandigarh)
    Consultant Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon